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deleting facebook

i recently decided to delete my Facebook account by following this post on wired. these are the hoops you have to jump through.

as mentioned in the article, Facebook doesn’t have the delete account option in its settings, for "some" reason... so i had to go to this link, which brought me here:

i clicked on "Download Info" and received this email:

then i waited. after a few hours, i received this email:

i downloaded my data and then clicked "Deactivate Account" on the original form:

i confirmed and was directed here:

i got this email:

if you "accidentally" log in within the 30 day period, you'll be greeted with this form:

today i tried to log in and was successfully denied:

i'm sure though, that my old data still exists somewhere in Facebook. finger's crossed that it is really deleted, but i'm not holding my breath.