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add a remote git repo for your xcode project

Hey so it’s been a while… new country, new language.. new interest.

I wanted to learn how to make an iPhone app, so I started learning Swift 2 with Xcode 7.2.1, because I’m still using Yosemite.

One of the first things I wanted to know how to do was how to use my Github account for source control.

When you create a new project, you can click this little checkbox…


to initialise the project with a Git repo. Then in the Source Control drop down, on the branch submenu, there’s a Configure “my project name” option.

In here you can click on Remotes and add a new one.

Presumably you already created a new remote repo in Git, which has a remote address. Add it here in the address field. You can also name the branch.

And that’s about it.