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dpkg flag meanings

I always forget what they stand for!

dpkg -l | grep mongo
hi  mongodb-org                              3.2.13                                 amd64        MongoDB open source document-oriented database system (metapackage)
ii  mongodb-org-mongos                       3.2.13                                 amd64        MongoDB sharded cluster query router
ii  mongodb-org-server                       3.2.13                                 amd64        MongoDB database server
ii  mongodb-org-shell                        3.2.13                                 amd64        MongoDB shell client
ii  mongodb-org-tools                        3.2.13                                 amd64        MongoDB tools

First letter -> desired package state (“selection state”):

u ... unknown
i ... install
r ... remove/deinstall
p ... purge (remove including config files)
h ... hold

Second letter -> current package state:

n ... not-installed
i ... installed
c ... config-files (only the config files are installed)
U ... unpacked
F ... half-configured (configuration failed for some reason)
h ... half-installed (installation failed for some reason)
W ... triggers-awaited (package is waiting for a trigger from another package)
t ... triggers-pending (package has been triggered)

Third letter -> error state (you normally shouldn’t see a third letter, but a space, instead):

R ... reinst-required (package broken, reinstallation required)