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formatting a disk for both windows and mac

i have a mac and a windows pc. im going to sell my pc soon and stick with the mac, so i wanted to copy files from my pc to my mac. i took my trusty 4TB external hdd and i reformatted it on the windows pc with this:

file system: exFAT
block size: 4096 bits

the next thing i did was i copied 3TB of data onto the drive. after 25 hours, the copying had finished and i unplugged the drive from my pc and plugged it into my mac…

nothing… not even coming up in the finder? aye?

ohhhh… i remember… the block size has to be less than or equal to 1024!!

file system: exFAT
block size: 1024 bits

*sigh* here we go again..

so moral of the story, don’t be like me and copy everything before testing it works first